M.A. in Theology

General Description and Program Goals

The MA in Theology (MAT) degree is a two-year graduate theological program covering a range of theological disciplines. All students receive thorough grounding in the Scriptures, key doctrines, church history, ethics, and apologetics.

This program is designed for men and women who want to pursue an overall theological understanding for advanced study in theology or for general educational purposes, including integration of the Christian faith into their social or professional commitments.

The degree program requires 64 semester credits. As many as 32 semester credits of graduate work may be transferred from another institution.

The goal of the Master of Arts in Theology program is to:

    - To prepare students for advanced studies.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completing this degree, students will be able to:

    - Demonstrate a historical and theological understanding of biblical texts;
    - Identify and articulate the church's major historical movements and central doctrines;
    - Identify and articulate ethical and aplogietical approaches in the postmodern context;
    - Demonstrate personal and spiritual maturity expressed devotion to God, his truth, and others;
    - Demonstrate mastery of reasoning and research appropriate for theological disciplines.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate from the Master of Arts in Theology program the student is required to have completed a minimum of 64 semester credits with a 2.5 GPA or above. At least 32 credits must be completed at World Mission University. Students must demonstrate competence in at least seven of ten ministry skills listed on the Ministry Skills Assessment Form (see Supervised Ministry Handbook). The examination shall be taken at any regularly scheduled testing period. The student will be allowed to retake the examination as often as needed.

To complete the program, a thesis will be submitted and approved by the graduation committee. The student will register for the course PT604 thesis during the final year of the program and submit a prospectus and outline of the project for faculty approval. The school will assign an academic supervisor according to the topic of the thesis. The length of the project will be approximately 50 pages of the text, double-spaced. The project must meet the writing standards of WMU.

Course Titles and Level

All courses at the Masters level are numbered 500 - 699. Course descriptions are provided in this catalog.

Degree Requirements: 64 Credits