Moodle Tutorial

Moodle tutorial is a prerequisite for students who enroll in online courses. Students must complete online video tutorial before starting online courses. The online tutorial provides students with a basic understanding of Moodle system. Once students have completed the training, and feel confident that students have understood Moodle system, they are ready to take the test. Students can take the test as many times as necessary until they pass. The test checks students’ overall understanding of Moodle, which is important for online studies. Students must pass the test in order to take online courses.
This non credit tutorial (course code: LA 111, PT 519) consists of the following parts: 1) Introduction, 2) What is Moodle? 3) Understanding of the web, browsers, and web standards, 4) Understanding of an educational internet homepage and WMU homepage, 5) Creating an online account, 6) My homepage, 7) Managing my courses (free board, my profile, forum, quiz, assignment, evaluation, grade), 8) Effective online learning, 9) Conclusion