10월 3일(목)

1. Youth Group Pastor Wanted: Part-Time
We are looking for a youth pastor.

* Teaching Ministry
1. Leading the Friday Evening Youth Bible study & activities.
2. Sunday English Worship Service.

* Qualification
1. Must have an assurance of salvation; born-again evangelical Christian.
2. Must graduate with M.Div. or currently studying in a seminary for M.Div.
program, or will be studying for M.Div.
3. Must have passion, vision, and heart for the youth and young adults ministry
4. Must be humble and willing to serve.
5. Bilingual in English and Korean

* Application
1. Resume with a personal photo.
2. Personal Statement.
3. Statement of faith
• submit application by both in mail and email
• applications will not be returned
* Contact
Senior Pastor : Rev. Byung Y. Kim
Email :
Tel : 310) 515-7207

* Church Information
L.A. Presbyterian Bible Church
1655 W. Marine Ave. Gardena. CA 90247

성서장로교회 L.A. Korean Presby. Bible Church
주 소 1655 W. Marine Ave., Gardena, CA 92047
TEL 310-515-7207 , 310-516-0554 FAX 310-515-7290
Email 담임목사 : 김병용
Pastor : Byung Y. Kim


#2. 새언약교회
주님의 이름으로 문안합니다. 저희 남가주 새언약교회(LA 한인타운 인근 소재)에서는
다음과 같이 2014년도 사역자를 청빙하고자 합니다.

1. 담당부서 : 청년사역 및 찬양사역(파트타임)
2. 지원자격 : 건전한 복음주의 신학교 재학중 또는 졸업자 누구나 지원가능
3. 제출기간 : 10월 27일까지 (11월부터는 사역시작)
4. 제출서류 : 이력서(본인 및 가족사진 포함) 1부
5. 사 례 : 교회 내규에 의거 지급(상담후 결정)
6. 제출할곳 : 이메일로만 접수가능
7. 문 의 : 강양규 목사(213-434-1083)
8. 기 타 : 저희는 스팩을 고집하지 않습니다. 스팩보다 더 중요한 것이 있다면
찬양의 소명과 열정, 그리고 예수님을 뜨겁게 사랑하는 마음입니다.
절대로 후회하지 않는 기회가 되리라 확신합니다.

#3. Elementary Pastor: Part-Time
Korean Church of Southwest LA (Gardena, CA) is seeking a part-time elementary pastor. We are inviting an individual who has experience working with this age group, has vision and heart for children’s ministry, and can work well with staff and parents. There are 20 children in our ministry.
Salary: commensurate with experience
1. Graduate or current student of an accredited seminary.
2. Has an adequate understanding of both Korean and American cultures.
3. Fluent in English. Bilingual is preferred.
1. Plan and lead Sunday worship, Friday program, VBS, and other special events and programs.
2. Recruit and train teachers and other volunteers.
3. Hold periodic meetings to inform parents about upcoming events and foster parental involvement.
4. Attend monthly staff meetings.
Please submit:
1. Resume (with photo)
Pastor Daniel Cho
Church Information
Korean Church of Southwest LA
16100 Crenshaw Bl.
Gardena, CA 90249

나성서남교회 Korean Church of Southwest Los Angeles (KCSWLA)
주 소 16100 Crenshaw Bl., Gardena, CA 90249
TEL 310-719-7193 FAX 310-719-8766
Email 담임목사 : 김광철
Pastor : Kwang Chul Kim