WMU Supporting NIght

There will be a World Mission University Supporting Night event on November 6, Saturday at 6:00 p.m. at the school’s chapel. This event is being held for the establishment of a digital library as an addition to the school’s library which has been dear to our students and the community.

WMU cast a 5-year plan, which is called, “Vision 2014”.

In that vision, plans include getting an accreditation for our university and graduate school, acquiring distinguished faculties and providing scholarships to the students, and raising the next-generation leaders and improving education infrastructures by expanding and building school’s library.

The establishment of the digital library is an important step toward the expanding the current library system. Once the digital library is completed, our center for distant education students and on campus students should be able to access it through the internet all around the world.

At WMU, we embrace the approachable heart of God who accommodates us at the very places of our lives, sometimes literally! Thus with technology, we believe that we can better reflect God with effectiveness in the areas that we can grow concurrent to each generation’s scientific advances and needs. We believe God honors such efficient strategy in missions and our digital library will serve missionaries, pastors and Korean community all around the world fulfilling WMU’s vision as a Christian learning institution.