Academic Calendar

Fall Semester, 2015
Jul. 6-16 Registration for Fall Semester
Jul. 9 LA Open House
Aug. 3-13 Late Registration for Spring Semester (Late fees apply)
Aug. 7 End of New Students Admission
Aug. 11 New Student Orientation & Faculty Introduction
Aug. 17 First Day of Classes
Aug. 18 Fall Opening Revival Meeting
Aug. 25, 27 Emergency Evacuation Drill
Aug. 27 Last Day to Receive a Full Refund
Aug. 27 Last Day to Add Classes
Sep. 7 Labor Day Holiday – No Classes
Sep. 10 Lastday to Submit Scholarship Application, Christian Service Registration form, Graduation Request form
Sep. 11~12 Student Retreat
Sep. 22 Graduation Meeting
Oct. 5 WMU Faculty Seminar
Oct. 6 Fall Special Academic Seminar
Oct. 8 Last Day to Drop Classes
Oct. 13 Fall Preaching Contest
Oct. 17 Sport Day
Nov. 7 Donor Appreciation Night
Nov. 14 Music Student Concert
Nov. 24 World Mission Night
Nov. 25-27 Thanksgiving Break
Nov. 30~Dec. 10 Registration for Winter Semester, Early Registration for Spring semester
Nov. 30~Dec. 3 Final Exam
Dec. 3 Last Day of Classes