John M. Song
President (CEO)
Sung Jin Lim
Executive Vice President
Shin, Seon Mook
Chief Academic Officer
Dean of School of Theology
John B. Park
Director of Accreditation and Compliance
Keum Hee Lee
Dean of Undergraduate School
Director of Admissions
Paul Lim
Director of Business
Im Sang Yoon
Director of Music Department
Hwa Cha Kim
Director of Christian Counseling(MACC)
Hong Joo Lee
Dean of Student Affairs
Seo Young Kim
Karen Ahn
Director of Financial Aid
Students Accounts Receivable
Admission Coordinator
Jin Joo Nam
Director of International Student Services
Admission Coordinator
Sun Mi Kim-Park
Distance Education Coordinator
Kyu Ho Kim
Distance Education Coordinator
I.T. Administrator
Myung Ju Yoon
Development Coordinator
Administrative Assistant
Hee Jin Park
Music Department Coordinator
Student Recruit Coordinator
Myoung Uk Lee
Distance Education Coordinator