about_faculty_the_dslim 임동선(Lim, Dong Sun)
2 송정명(Song, John M)
1 임성진(Lim, Sung Jin)
Executive Vice President
Chief Academic Officer
5 신선묵(Shin, Seon Mook)
Dean of the School of Theology
Associate Academic Officer
12 이금희(Lee, Keum Hee)
Dean of Undergraduate Education
Director of Admissions
3 임종호(Lim, Jong Ho)
Chief Financial Officer
Director of Development
14 최윤정 (Choi, Yoon Jung)
Dean of Student Affairs
about_faculty_the_Kim_seo Young 김서영(Kim, Seo Young)
about_Staff_the_Kim_KyungHae 김경해(Kim, KyungHae)
Director of Financial Aid
Students Accounts Receivable
Admission Coordinator
about_Staff_the_Nam_Jin Joo 남진주(Nam, Jin Joo)
Director of International Student Services
Admission Coordinator
about_Staff_the_Kim_Kyu Ho 김규호(Kim, Kyu Ho)
Distance Education Coordinator
I.T. Administrator
about_Staff_the_Park_Sun Mi 박선미(Park, Sun Mi)
Distance Education Coordinator
about_Staff_the_Lee_Myoung Uk 이명욱(Lee, Myoung Uk)
Distance Education Coordinator
about_Staff_the_Yoon_Myung Ju 윤명주(Yoon, Myung Ju)
Development Coordinator
Administrative Assistant
about_Staff_the_Jeon_Eunsun 전은선(Jeon, Eunsun)
Admission Coordinator
Music Department Coordinator